Biological Role of Normal Oral Microbiota


Indigenous microflora of healthy oral cavity predominantly comprises commensal non-pathogenic microorganisms. It performs a lot of essential activities supporting normal body physiology. For instance, it creates biological barrier blocking invasion and propagation of pathogenic microorganisms and stimulates lymphoid tissue maturation thereby taking part in host defense against infectious agents. Likewise, the members of normal oral microbiota render antagonistic activity against multiple pathogenic species, which have the portal of entry in oral cavity. Autochthonous microflora participates in self-clearance of oral cavity. Similarly to many other representatives of human gastrointestinal tract, the resident oral bacteria supply the body with vitamins and amino acids produced by bacterial cells. Other metabolic end products of normal microflora can stimulate secretion of salivary glands and mucous membranes fostering permanent wash of oral cavity. This facilitates food intake, oral food digestion, chewing and swallowing.