Poikilotherms and Homeotherms

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Effect of Light on the Plants

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Soil Fauna and Soil Flora

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Physical and Chemical properties of soil

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Climate and Soil Types

Climate and Soil Types Variation in climatic factors and rock properties, therefore, lead to different types of soil development in different climatic conditions, as follows : 1. Laterization. Laterite (L. …

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Soil Profile

Soil Profile The soil profile is the term used for the vertical section of the earth crust generally up to a depth of 1.83 meters or up to the parent …

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Soil formation or Pedogenesis

Soil formation or Pedogenesis Soil is a stratified mixture of inorganic and organic materials, both of which are decay products. The mineral constituents of the soil are derived from some …

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Water and Ecological Adaptations

Water and Ecological Adaptations Water makes up a large proportion of the bodies of plants and animals, whether they live on land or in water. Active cytoplasm holds about 70–90 …

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Relationship Of Ecology With Other Disciplines

Relationship Of Ecology With Other Disciplines Modern ecology is a multidisciplinary science that depends on a variety of disciplines such as physics, chemistry, mathematics, statistics, metrology, climatology, geology, geography, economics, …

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Branches of Ecology

Branches of Ecology The science of ecology is often divided into autecology and synecology. Autecology deals with the study of the individual organism or an individual species. In this, life …

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