Free glucose is formed during glycogenolysis from
A common featu of all serine proteases is
Aspartic protease P. possesses two aspartic acid residues at the active site. Q. includes enzymes like pepsin, cathepsin and renin R. involves formation of intermediate amide dihydrate. S. present in AIDS virus HIV-1
Which of the following vitamins does not act as a precursor for coenzymes?
In enzyme kinetics Vmax reflects
A demonstrable inducer is absent in
Glycerol is added to protein solutions to stabilize the preparations by
From the following statements(A) Enzymes enhance reaction rates by a factor of 2 to 10.
(B) The activation energy for a reaction is lowered by enzymes.
(C) The interactions between enzymes and substrates are hydrogen bonding, hydrophobic and ionic.
(D) Substrate concentration does not affect the rate of enzyme catalyzed reactions.
Find the incorrect combination.
Protein conformational dynamics can be determined by which one of the following techniques-
Holiday junction is observed during
Which of the following is not an inhibitor of DNA polymerase?
Rhizobial genes that participate in legume nodule formation are called nodulation (nod) genes. The nodD-encoded protein.
Since the pK values for aspartic acid are 2.0, 3.9 and 10.0, it follows that the isoelectric (pH) is
Which one of the following statements regarding exonuclease/ restriction enzymes used in recombinant DNA technology is INCORRECT?
The MALDI mass spectrum of a peptide gave a single peak with M/z of 1000. The ESI mass spectrum of the same peptide gave single peaks. These observations indicate that:
Which one of the methods listed below is the most sensitive label-added quantification method for proteins
Actinomycin inhibits which polymerase
Which of the following is not an inhibitor of topoisomerase?
Function of Pie 1 is to
Absence of lin 39 function cause