Gonococcal Infection

Gonococcal stomatitis can arise in newborns infected from sick mothers in the course of delivery. In adults oral gonococcal infection usually follows urogenital infection in persons practicizing orogenital contacts.

Mucosal tissue, tonsils, pharynx and upper larynx are involved into inflammatory process. Inflammatory manifestations result in erythematous edema, suppurative erosions and ulcerations of oral mucosa.

â–¶Laboratory diagnosis of gonococcal infections is carried out by microscopy of the materials obtained from urogenital excretions and lesion discharges.

â–¶Antimicrobial treatment is performed by antibiotics with proven efficacy against gonococci because of high levels of resistance essential for these bacteria. Combinations of azithromycin with gentamycin or fluoroquinolones are preferentially used. Local treatment of specific oropharyngeal lesions with antiseptics can be applied.