Morphology of Flowering Plants Part II

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Morphology of Flowering Plants Part II

Morphology of Flowering Plants Part II: Flower, Seed, Fruits and their dispersal, Taxonomy of Angiospermic plants

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Find out the pairs, which are correctly matched with respect to aestivation of petals.

I Valvate — Calotropis
I. Twisted — Bean
I. Imbricate — Cassia
IV Vexillary — Chinarose

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Most important character of Brassica campesteris is

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Tetradynamous condition is characteristics of

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Axis developing between androecium and gynoecium is

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Match the following and choose the correct combination from the options given below.

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Flowers and stamens of compositae are

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Match the placental types (Colmun-I) with their examples (Colmun-II).

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In caryopsis type of fruit

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Match the types of the fruits listed in column I with the examples listed in column II. Choose the answer which gives the correct combination of the two columns.

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After fertilization, the seed coats of seed develop from

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Axile placentation occurs in

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Cruciferae differ from malvaceae in the presence of

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The plant whose seeds are known to have longest viability period is

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Consider the following statements.

(A) In racemose inflorescence the flowers are borne in a basipetal order.
(B) Epigynous flowers are seen in rose plant.
(C) In brinjal the ovary is superior.
Of these statements

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When two of the sepals or petals are outer, two are inner and one is partly outer partly inner, this condition 1s known as

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Which statement is wrong for compositae?

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Parachute mechanism of seed dispersal occurs in

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When two stamens are short and two are long, they are

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Bicarpellary, syncarpous, unilocular ovary with basal placentation occurs in

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Choose the correct description depicted by floral diagram.

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When both sexes are absent from a flower or are non-functional, the flower is said to be

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Match the following and choose the correct combination from the options given below.

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Which of the following is correct with reference to flowers of family Solanaccac?

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Flower of fabaceae is

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Which of the two families are dominate in having maximum useful plants ?

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Match column I with column II and choose the correct option from below.

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Aggregate fruit develops from

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The family containing mustard, and its main characters are:

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A flower is zygomorphic when

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