NEET Quiz 3

Fruit colour in squash in an example of
Viruses have
The first human hormone produced by recombinent DNA technology is:
An analysis of chromosomal DNA using the southern hybridization technique does not use:-
In vitro clonal propagation in plants is characterized by:
An alga which can be employed as food for human being is:
Which vector can clone only a small fragment of DNA?
An example of ex situ conservation is:
A location with luxuriant growth of lichens on the trees indicates that the:
A species facing extremely high risk of extinction in the immediate future is called:
Select the Taxon metioned that represents both marine and fresh water species:
The zone of atmosphere in which the ozone layer is present is called:
The organization which publishes the Red List of species is:
Which one of the following living organisms completely lacks a cell wall?
Planaria possess high capacity of: