NEET Quiz 1

Which one of the following shows isogamy with non-flagellated gametes?
Five kingdom system of classification suggested by R.H Whittaker is not based on:
Which one of the following fungi contains hullucinogens?
Archaebacteria differ from eubacteria in:
Which one of the following is wrong about Chara?
Which of the following is responsible for peat formation?
Placenta and pericarp are both edible portions in:
When the margins of sepals or petals overlap one another without any particular direction,the condition is termed as:
You are given a faiy old piece of dicot stem and a dicot root. Which of the following anatomical structure will you use to distinguish between the two?
Which of the following statement is correct?
Tracheids differ from other tracheary elements in:
An example of edible underground stem is:
Which structure perform the function of mitochondria in bacteria?
A solid linear cytoskeleton elements having a diameter of 6nm and made up of a single type of monomer are known as:
The osmotic expansion of a cell kept in water is chiefly regulated by: