Quiz 4


A critical enzyme used directly in the synthesis of dTMP (thymidine) is
In which phase of the cell cycle does DNA replication occur?
A 10 month old baby boy presents with steatorrhea, recurrent pulmonary infections, GI upset and foul-smelling stool. Which of the following tests is undertaken to confirm your diagnosis?
The enzyme responsible for initiating DNA replication in prokaryotes is:
The enzyme responsible for continuing DNA replication in prokaryotes, once it is initiated is:
Antibiotics such as Ciprofloxacin and Flouroquinolines work by inhibiting a specific enzyme. This enzyme is normally necessary to relieve torsional strain that is caused by the unwinding of the helix. What is the name of this enzyme?
Which of the following techniques is primarily undertaken to amplify DNA?
In Pyrimidine Synthesis, Eukaryotes can use uracil to feedback inhibit which of the following enzymes?
All of the following are required for PURINE DE NOVO synthesis EXCEPT:
Which of the following, in high concentrations, can overcome PURINE DE NOVO inhibition?
A 40-year-old alcoholic comes in with severe pain in his big toe. You decide to administer Allopurinol to inhibit which of the following enzymes:
All of the following are used in PCR EXCEPT:
The following are features of DNA replication EXCEPT:
The oncogene Ras binds:
Which out of the following mechanisms is involved in the production of variety of immunoglobulins each specific for a specific antigen?
Which out of the followings is a common enzyme for de novo as well as salvage pathway of purine biosynthesis?
Which of the following does not have introns?
Which of the following is NOT true of RNA synthesis?
If the molar amount of G in a DNA sample is 20%, what is the molar amount of T in the sample?
With respect to the LAC operon, if both glucose and lactose are present and glucose is low, which of the following is NOT true?