The Living World Quiz

1. The classification given by Bentham and Hooker is


2. The term ‘New systematics’ was introduced by


3. The most important feature of all living systems is to


4. Species is


5. Scientific name of Mango plant is Mangifera indica (Linn.) Santapau. In the above name, Santapau refers to:


6. Biosystematics aims at


7. An important criterion for modern-day classification is


8. Match column I with column II and choose the correct option.

4 3


9. The practical purpose of classification of living organisms is to


10. In a hierarchical system of plant classification, which one of the following taxonomic ranks generally ends in ‘ceae’?


11. The term phylum was given by


12. Which of the following is not true for a species?


13. Linnaeus is credited with


14. Which one of the following is the species?


15. First life on earth was


16. Binomial nomenclature means


17. Branch connected with nomenclature, identification and classification is called


18. Which one of the following statement is correct regarding ‘L’ in the scientific name of Mangifera indica L.?


19. Match the following entities of column I with their respective orders of column II and choose the correct combination from the option.



20. A species is defined as “the group of actually or potentially interbreeding natural population producing fertile offspring and reproductively isolated from such other groups”. The above statement is given by


21. “Taxonomy without phylogeny is similar to bones without flesh” is the statement of


22. The science of naming the plant is known as


23. Basic unit or smallest taxon of taxonomy/classification is


24. The complete name of a plant in binomial nomenclature has


25. Sequence of taxonomic categories is


26. Founder of “Taxonomy” is


27. A taxon is a


28. Specimen used for original publication by the author is