Difference Between Hypovolemia and Hypervolemia

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Hypovolemia Hypervolemia
Definition Decreased blood volume Increased blood volume
Etiology Excessive fluid loss (e.g., bleeding, diarrhea) Fluid overload (e.g., excessive fluid intake, impaired fluid regulation)
Fluid Balance Negative fluid balance Positive fluid balance
Blood Pressure Decreased blood pressure Increased blood pressure
Heart Rate Increased heart rate (compensatory response) May be normal or increased depending on underlying cause
Capillary Refill Time Prolonged Normal
Skin Turgor Decreased Normal or increased
Urine Output Decreased May be normal or increased depending on underlying cause
Thirst Increased thirst May or may not have increased thirst
Clinical Symptoms Dizziness, weakness, fatigue, dry mucous membranes, decreased urine output Edema, shortness of breath, weight gain, elevated blood pressure
Diagnostic Tests Blood tests (electrolyte levels, hematocrit), urine specific gravity, vital signs Blood tests (electrolyte levels, renal function), urine output measurement, imaging studies (if needed)
Treatment Fluid replacement (oral or intravenous) Fluid restriction, diuretic medications (if necessary), treatment of underlying cause
Complications Hypotension, electrolyte imbalances, organ dysfunction Edema, pulmonary congestion, increased workload on the heart