Difference between amitosis and binary fission

QuestionsCategory: Difference BetweenDifference between amitosis and binary fission
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Basis of Comparison Amitosis Binary Fission
Definition A type of cell division in which the nucleus divides by direct cleavage without spindle formation A type of asexual reproduction in which a single cell divides into two identical daughter cells
Occurrence Occurs in unicellular organisms Occurs in both unicellular and multicellular organisms
Chromosome replication No replication of chromosomes occurs Chromosome replication occurs before cell division
Number of daughter cells produced One daughter cell is produced Two daughter cells are produced
Genetic variability No genetic variability occurs Genetic variability may occur due to mutation
Examples Occurs in bacteria, yeast, protozoa, etc. Occurs in bacteria, archaea, and some eukaryotes such as amoeba and paramecium