Difference Between Neutropenia and Agranulocytosis

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Neutropenia Vs Agranulocytosis

Neutropenia Agranulocytosis
Definition Decreased absolute neutrophil count (ANC) Severe decrease or absence of neutrophils in the blood
Neutrophil Count ANC below normal reference range ANC critically low or near-zero
Etiology Drug-induced, autoimmune disorders, viral infections, bone marrow disorders Drug-induced (particularly certain medications), autoimmune disorders, bone marrow disorders
Severity Mild to severe Severe
Risk of Infection Increased susceptibility to bacterial infections Markedly increased risk of severe bacterial infections
Symptoms Usually asymptomatic or mild symptoms Symptoms may include fever, severe sore throat, mouth ulcers, infections
Diagnostic Criteria ANC <1,500 cells/mm³ (in adults) ANC <500 cells/mm³ (in adults)
Duration Can be temporary or chronic Usually acute and requires immediate attention
Treatment Treatment of underlying cause, management of infection risk (antibiotics, growth factors) Discontinue causative medications, administration of growth factors, antibiotic therapy, hospitalization
Prognosis Depends on the underlying cause and severity Guarded to poor, but outcomes vary
Monitoring Regular blood tests to assess ANC and monitor for infections Frequent blood tests, close monitoring for signs of infection
Complications Increased risk of bacterial infections Life-threatening infections, sepsis
Precautions for Patients Hand hygiene, infection prevention measures Strict infection control, avoidance of certain medications
Bone Marrow Examination May show normal or decreased neutrophil precursors Absence of mature neutrophils in bone marrow