What does 1 to 3 HPF pus cells mean?

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Biology Ease Staff asked 1 year ago

The term “1 to 3 HPF pus cells” refers to the presence of a certain number of white blood cells (leukocytes) in a microscopic field of view during the examination of a sample, typically a urine or a microscopy slide. HPF stands for High-Power Field, which is a specific magnification level used in microscopy.

In this context, “pus cells” is a term often used to describe white blood cells, particularly neutrophils, which are involved in the body’s immune response to infection or inflammation. The presence of pus cells in a sample can indicate the presence of an infection or an inflammatory process.

When the report mentions “1 to 3 HPF pus cells,” it means that 1 to 3 white blood cells were observed within the field of view at the specified magnification. The number given (1 to 3) typically represents an average count per high-power field.

It’s important to interpret this information in the context of the specific clinical situation and in conjunction with other laboratory findings and clinical symptoms to determine the significance and appropriate course of action. The interpretation and significance may vary depending on the type of sample (urine, tissue, etc.) and the underlying condition being investigated. Consulting a healthcare professional or the interpreting laboratory is recommended for a comprehensive understanding of the results.