Adenoviruses are medium-sized, nonenveloped and icosahedral nucleocapsid with DNA containing viruses. It is made up of 252 capsomeres: 240 hexons forming the faces and 12 pentons at the vertices word Adenovirus is a Latin word which means gland and because this virus where first isolated from tonsils and adenoids gland of human and it causes respiratory infection

Adenovirus: Structure ...


  • Adenovirus consists of liner DS DNA genome.
  • A protein molecule which is infectious is attached to the 5’ terminal of the DNA.


  • Replication occurs in the nucleus.
  • When virus particle is transported to the nucleus the core is released and turned into viral DNA histone complex.
  • The early transcription is called out by RNA polymerase of the host and a number of the primary transcripts are formed.
  • Then the transcripts are splashed, capped and polyadenylated given different m RNAs.
  • The early protein is involved in DNA replication.
  • The latter protein is virus coat protein.
  • Viral DNA replication uses a virus-encoded protein as a DNA polymerase.
  • For the replication of linear double-stranded DNA like adenoviruses initiation of replication begin at either end or both and simultaneously.
  • The product of one round replication is double and single standard molecules.
  • Then it cyclase buy inverted terminal repeats and a new complementary strand is synthesized.
  • And the product is another DS molecule.

Adenovirus Replication