Silkworm Diseases


Silkworm Diseases Diseases: The silkworm, Bombyx mori that has been under domestication since time immemorial is prone to …

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Types of Silkworms

tassar silk moth

Types of Silkworms There are four kinds of natural silk which are commercially known and produced. Out of …

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Jowar Stem Borer: Overview

Jowar Stem Borer Class – Insecta Order – Lepidoptera Family –  Pyralidae Genus – Chilo Species –  zonellus = partellus (Swinhoe) Jowar …

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Cultivation of Mulberry

img2 1

Cultivation of Mulberry  1. Selection of Mulberry Variety: Cultivation and harvesting of mulberry plants are called Moriculture. There …

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