Silkworm Diseases


Silkworm Diseases Diseases: The silkworm, Bombyx mori that has been under domestication since time immemorial is prone to the attack of a number of diseases. Among the diseases pebrine, grasserie, …

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Types of Silkworms

tassar silk moth

Types of Silkworms There are four kinds of natural silk which are commercially known and produced. Out of them, mulberry silk is most important and it contributes about 95% of …

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Jowar Stem Borer: Overview

Jowar Stem Borer Class – Insecta Order – Lepidoptera Family –  Pyralidae Genus – Chilo Species –  zonellus = partellus (Swinhoe) Jowar is Maharashtra’s most important staple food crop. Aside from being a staple …

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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Integrated Pest Management Integrated Pest Control is defined as a pest management system that in the context of the associated environment and the population dynamics of the pest species, utilizes …

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Bee Behaviour and Communication

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Bee Behaviour Swarming: The phenomenon of leaving off the colony by the queen and other members is known as swarming. It is taking place towards the end of spring or …

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Introduction and Scope of Pests


The influence of insects on human life ‘destructive and beneficial’ can be traced back to prehistoric day and till now. A constant struggle is going on between men and insects …

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Classification of Pests

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Insect pests are capable of feeding on almost all types of organic matter. The insects can cause damage to crop plants in the field, fruit plants, stored food and even …

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Harvesting of Mulberry

Leaf Plucking Method

Harvesting of Mulberry Introduction It is possible to harvest leaves 5-6 times a year. Generally, the leaf yield is more in the first three harvests during the rainy season and …

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Cultivation of Mulberry

img2 1

Cultivation of Mulberry  1. Selection of Mulberry Variety: Cultivation and harvesting of mulberry plants are called Moriculture. There are over 20 species of mulberry (Family-Moraceae) of which four are more …

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Fish Preservation Techniques

Fish Preservation Techniques

Fish Preservation Techniques A large section of the Indian population uses fish as food. All over the world, fish and fish products are consumed by people. Fish is an easily …

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Mammalian Circulatory System

Mammalian circulatory system

Arteries The arteries are efferent vessels that take blood to the capillary beds away from the nucleus. Both vessels, except the pulmonary arteries, contain oxygenated blood in adults: deoxygenated blood …

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Submandibular & Sublingual Gland

Salivary Gland In the submandibular area or the floor of the mouth, two of the three main salivary glands are located: the submandibular and sublingual glands.On the side of the …

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Fish Buoyancy

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Fish Buoyancy Principle If a swimming animal is heavier than water, part of its energy is expended in keeping afloat and only part for forwarding locomotion. If an animal has …

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Reproduction,Gametogenesis And Fertilization

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Reproduction,Gametogenesis And Fertilization ▶Asexual Reproduction In asexual reproduction the parent divides, fragments or buds to give rise to a varying number of genetically identical offspring. This ‘natural cloning’ is the …

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control pathway in lactation

Lactation Lactation (milk production in mammals) comprises two phases: lactogenesis (the initiation of milk secretion) and galactopoiesis (the maintenance of established lactation). ▶Mammary glands Ducts in the mammary glands develop …

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Complete Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis It is the transformation from one to another morphological and physiological form of an animal during its life cycle; true metamorphosis is concerned with preparation for life in a …

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Theories Of Aging

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Theories Of Aging ▶Nature versus Nurture Theories of aging can be divided into those implying a genetic program and those implying that aging is environmentally determined: nature versus nurture. ▶Genetic …

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