Difference between condensation and hydrolysis reaction

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Property Condensation Reaction Hydrolysis Reaction
Definition Joining of two molecules with the formation of a covalent bond, resulting in the release of a water molecule Breaking down of a molecule into two smaller molecules with the addition of a water molecule
Also known as Dehydration synthesis Hydrolytic cleavage
Type of reaction Anabolic (building up) Catabolic (breaking down)
Energy Requires energy Releases energy
Water Water is removed Water is added
Example Formation of a peptide bond between amino acids Breakdown of a peptide bond into amino acids
Occurrence Occurs in the synthesis of macromolecules like proteins, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids Occurs in the digestion of macromolecules into their constituent monomers
Reaction direction Goes from smaller molecules to larger molecules Goes from larger molecules to smaller molecules