Similarities and Differences between Pteridophytes and Bryophytes

QuestionsCategory: TopicsSimilarities and Differences between Pteridophytes and Bryophytes
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1. Both plants do not have true roots, stems, and leaves.
2. Both need water for reproduction.
3. Both rely on spores for reproduction.
4. Both are non-vascular plants.


1. Bryophytes are small and simple in structure while Pteridophytes are larger and more complex.
2. Bryophytes are non-vascular while Pteridophytes are vascular.
3. Bryophytes reproduce through spores while Pteridophytes reproduce through spores as well as seeds.
4. Bryophytes do not have specialized tissues for conducting water and nutrients while Pteridophytes have specialized tissues such as the xylem and phloem for conducting water and nutrients.
5. Bryophytes do not have true leaves while Pteridophytes have true leaves.