Difference between anaphase I and anaphase II of meiosis

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Biology Ease Staff asked 2 years ago

Anaphase I is the stage in meiosis during which the chromosomes undergo the highest degree of condensation. The chromosomes align at their centromeres, and the cell begins to divide. In anaphase I, sister chromatids are separated by telophase, and each one becomes a separate haploid daughter cell. This process is called cytokinesis.

Anaphase II is the second stage of meiosis, during which the chromosomes line up again in preparation for mitosis. During this time, sister chromatids are reunited and then separated again by metaphase. This process is called anaphase, and it brings about separation between sister chromatids (i.e., two halves). Anaphase II also brings about nuclear division, which results in two daughter cells with half sets of chromosomes each; this process is called mitosis or cytokinesis (depending on whether or not there is cytokinesis).