Difference between Ascomycetes and Deuteromycetes

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Biology Ease Staff asked 2 years ago
  1. Ascomycetes have no chlamydospores, whereas Deuteromycetes produce chlamydospores
  2. Ascomycetes only form basidiocarps, whereas Deuteromycetes can also form macroscopic bodies
  3. Ascomycetes are thermophilic, while Deuteromycetes are mesophilic
  4. Ascomycete fungi are known for producing galls, but Deuteromycete fungi do not produce galls
  5. Ascomycetes have hyphae with clamp connections, while Deuteromycetes have more branched hyphae with septate hyphal walls
  6. Ascomycete fungi can be saprobic or parasitic on other fungi or plants, but Deuteromycete fungi do not parasitize other microorganisms
  7. Ascomycetes reproduce sexually by releasing ascospores, which germinate to form mycelium; however, Deuteromycete reproduction is clonal, and microscopic fruiting bodies are formed instead of spores (obligatory anamorphs).