Cellotape Method for Fungus Observation

Morphology of fungi

Aim: Examination of Fungi by cellotape method. Introduction: Fungi are eukaryotic, heterotopic organisms with true nuclei. Fungi are also known as mushrooms. They are nonvascular cryptogams whose cell wall is …

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Hanging Drop Technique

Aim: To perform a motility test of a bacteria by hanging drop technique. Introduction: The hanging drop technique is a wet mount preparation used to observe the motility of bacteria. …

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Giemsa staining

Giemsa staining Aim: To study nuclear material Staining. Introduction: Bacteria are prokaryotic which possess nuclear material and circular DNA. In the case of Eukaryotic, genetic material is membrane-bound. The nucleus …

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Metachromatic granule staining

Metachromatic Staining

Aim: To study metachromatic granule staining Introduction: Albert’s staining is used to demonstrate metachromatic granules. Albert’s staining describes a special structure of metachromatic granules in Corynebacterium diphtheria. Corynebacterium causes the …

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